So it’s a Saturday morning; the long work week has gotten you all twisted. Spilling the morning coffee; feeling frustrated, you have an urge to get outside and vent. You stumble out through the garage and haphazardly reach for those old loppers hanging amongst spider webs on the wall. You don’t know what your doing, you just know something needs to be hacked. Walking out in the yard with the loppers in hand, you scour over the plants and trees in the landscape with ill intent. Snipping, lunging, lopping without regard. You start talking to yourself, sweating.

You turn the corner; something touches your shoulder. Your taken off-guard. It’s your Crape Myrtle! It glistens in the sunlight, with its unmistakable smooth bark and arching branches. ¬†smirk, your fingers tighten around the handles. Your hands are now sweating and you walk over, slowly towards that taunting evil branch. You anticipate; widening the loppers as you approach. Fellow greenery whispers in the wind… NOOOOOOO!

If this is you or someone you may know; this is a form of Crape MURDER.

Help is available. Fontaine Landscaping, in Holly Springs, NC has opened up a national help line on our YouTube channel for those affected that need help with their landscape.

Watch the Crape Murder trailer; with the full length DIY to follow this Fall 2016.