Do you live in the Triangle, NC area? Do your neighbors cringe when they look out their window at your yard? Are you embarrassed to have anyone over during the warm weather because your landscape is so horrendous? Well then, have we got a contest for you!

Fontaine Landscaping is looking for a few good bad yards. Send us your ugly, your barren, your muddy, your plain old eyesore. Well, don’t actually send them to us, just submit their picture through our facebook contest page. Garner yourself the most votes and be crowned the proud owner of the Triangle’s Ugliest Yard!

What will you get in return for such humiliation? How about a free landscape make-over by Kevin Fontaine or a landscape design? Yes, our expert in landscape can get your yard from a dud to a *cat-call*. (Note fine print here—he cannot make over people or animals; that is entirely someone else’s job. Sorry!)

Submit your photo today by clicking here. Get your friends, family, neighbors, and strangers you meet while out shopping, to vote for your yard. At the end of the day on August 1, 2014, we will close the voting. The picture with the most OMG-I-just-screamed-in-terror-at-the-sight-of-your-yard votes will win!